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Short and long term, In/Outdoor hot tub storage.   We can pick it up and hold it until you are ready.  Prefer your tub be a little more sheltered?  It can be placed in a greenhouse, only available for long term or winter months.  

If you are considering the purchase of a spa but aren't certain if you are "Hot Tub" people?  Why not rent for a few weeks and find out if a spa is the right fit for your backyard.

Have as many details possible of your spa and about the symptoms.  Make, model and any error codes appearing on your topside control.  Be near your hot tub when you call because your technician will have follow up questions.

Pad Preparations


After the purchase of your Hot Tub you will need to prepare the selected area.  Looking for a basic installation, electrical work, minor adjustments to existing landscapes to accommodate your spa.  No major projects.    

Reconditioned spas can save you a considerable amount of money. This will get you in touch with a variety of second hand spas.  Multiple makes, colors and sizes available. Guaranteed to meet your budget  


Spa Sales

Are you done investing money in a hot tub you've given up on?  We can take it off your hands, however, at times it's not worth anything to anyone.  We can make your old spa disappear in one piece.  No noise, no mess.  Just gone.  

For all your hot tub requirements.