one stop,

    Not quite A shop.

For all your hot tub requirements.

Trade Shows, Tent Events

Home & Garden Shows, tent sales or parking lot events.  When a large number of hot tubs need to be relocated in one day, the right equipment is essential.  Multiple trucks and trailers with the capability of carrying a minimum four full size spas per trip. 


Retailers, Wholesalers


Looking to have merchandise professionally delivered by a knowledgeable crew.  We offer a range of services to meet your company's delivery requirements.  Whether it be a straight drop off or a full set-up.  Electrical hook-up, cover lifter installation and start up with complete show of operations. 

Store Transfers

Out with the old and in with the new, merchandise coming in and out of your store is inevitable in retail.  Selling a floor model, bringing in a new line or just this year's stock.  No need for wrapping, professionals come prepared.  Every spa transported gets cared for like our own, custom made spa bags slip over all 8x8 hot tubs.  


Corporate, Government

Spas have become a common household item in recent years.  When it comes to Corporate accounts and different Departments of Government, moving a specialty item like a Hot Tub can be a real gamble.  The risk of damage or injury is greater when undertaking a project without the proper equipment and experience.  We offer you the option of, on premises relocation, or, warehouse to residence and vice versa.  We can invoice you or your customer. 

Local Moves

Not another local with a hot tub?!  Don't want to deal with it in the least?  Let us, we can represent your company with pride.  Schedule us for before, after or during the move, we can generally be in and out without creating any disruptions.  Invoice company directly or to customer, your choice.  Spas are wrapped prior to relocation.