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  When dealing in volume as I am accustomed to doing, no single person can handle every endeavor encountered on the journey to spa ownership.  First the purchase, where to start, big or small, new or used, which store?  Then ground preparation, electrical set-up and landscaping.  Finally the delivery, installation and future service and maintenance of your hot tub.  Some claim they do it "all", realistically, each of us have our strong points. 

   I am here to assist, by putting you in contact with the proper professionals.  I have met and dealt with many skilled individuals while performing my tasks.  Hot Tub relocations, residential or commercial, will be handled personally, as well as, over the phone, spa diagnostics and troubleshooting.   Technician referral only.  Good luck, hope my friends and I can be of some benefit.

  Over the past 31 years, I have worked in Ottawa's residential and commercial moving industry.  I have relocated antiques, pianos, safes, even farm equipment.  Seventeen years ago, I was given the opportunity to deliver for one of the most established pool and hot tub retailers in the city.   My expertise is relocations, 22000+ hot tubs and spas successfully delivered or moved.  I welcome any challenge, if the situation appears impossible; then it's time to make the Hot Tub Paul.