Relocation Checklist

     To ensure proper access for your spa please verify the following:

  1. Hot tub make and model? What are the dimensions?
  2. How was it originally delivered? Dolly, boom, crane?
  3. Yard fenced? If so, gate measurements, post to post?
  4. Single family home or townhouse?
  5. Does the path have sufficient overhead clearance?(low roof, eaves, branches, wires, etc...)
  6. Are there any other obstructions in the path?(gas or electric meters, A/C unit, etc...)
  7. Are there any 90 degree turns, steep inclines, ditches, steps?
  8. Is the tub ON, IN,or up against a deck? Is it going ON, IN or up against a deck?
  9. Has the electrical been disconnected at the spa? If not, would you like us to?
  10. From where, to where?  Areas only, addresses can be provided during booking.
  11. When would you like to move your Hot Tub?

General Inquiries

Feel free to contact me for any and all hot tub questions.  I would be happy to help diagnose any technical issues you may be encountering.


For all your hot tub requirements.

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